John W. O’Malley, S.J., is University Professor emeritus in the theology department at Georgetown University.
John W. O’MalleyFebruary 28, 2013
Who was the last pope to step down from his office? How many popes have resigned?
John W. O’MalleyJanuary 23, 2013
Ten sure-fire ways to mix up the teachings of Vatican II.
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John W. O’MalleyOctober 08, 2012
The diaries of Yves Congar, the single most important theologian of Vatican II.
John W. O’MalleyOctober 07, 2012
Select 'America' articles by the Georgetown University historian
John W. O’MalleyOctober 07, 2012
In These Pages: From November 19, 1983
John W. O’MalleyOctober 31, 2011
Bishops and theologians at the Council of Trent
John W. O’MalleyMay 25, 2009
We have a Vatican II president. Barack Obama, I am sure, does not think of himself in those terms, but when I heard his speech at Grant Park in Chicago the night he was elected, and more recently his commencement address at Notre Dame, that is what immediately struck me. On those occasions he embodi