Laudato Si
Jeffrey D. Sachs July 06, 2015
Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si’” is a great and timely gift to humanity. To avoid a catastrophic collision of the world economy and environment, humanity urgently needs to change the trajectory and functioning of the world economy. Yet the world economic system is a jug
SHELTER THE HOMELESS. Commuters walk past a woman resting in a public walkway near a ferry terminal in Seattle, Wash., in January.
Jeffrey D. Sachs May 06, 2015
Pope Francis has declared that the joy of the Gospel can help the world to overcome the globalization of indifference to others. Undoubtedly, he will bring this message when he visits the United States. But when he does, he will face a society in thrall to a different idea—that of the unaliena
 Dr. Patrick Angelo wraps a homeless man in blankets under the overpasses on Lower Wacker Drive in Chicago, ill.
Jeffrey D. Sachs March 12, 2014
Jesus’ teachings offer good news for the righteous, whether they are the poor and marginalized or the rich who are generous with their bounty. All can find a place in the kingdom. Yet there is little comfort for those who expect that their wealth alone will save them. The story of Lazarus and
GOOD GROWTH. Fedlen Philio plants a mango tree with a youth group that encourages sustainable development in Kafou Kols, Haiti.
Jeffrey D. Sachs November 26, 2013
How to achieve a path to sustainable development is the most important problem facing the world today. It is a phenomenal challenge, unique for our time, and the voice of the church will be central for success. There is no possibility for success unless the world unites in an ethical vision defendin