Jason Berry is an investigative journalist, filmmaker, novelist, and cultural historian. He is an authority on scandals in the Catholic Church. 

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Jason BerryFebruary 28, 2020
Ernest Gaines wrote a number of classic novels, including "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman."
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Jason BerryApril 24, 2017
Jason Berry reviews "A Consequential President" by Michael D'Antonio.
Jason BerrySeptember 16, 2015
'Katrina,' by Gary Rivilin
Jason BerryJanuary 07, 2015
'Malcolm X at Oxford Union,' by Saladin Ambar
Albert Camus's views on the death penalty evolved as he grew older.
Jason BerryNovember 06, 2013
“November seventh is Camus’s feast day,” says Sister Helen Prejean, with impish irony, giving the agnostic French author a ring of sainthood.“He taught us that Christians should get away from abstractions and confront the blood stained face of history—that we should spe
Jason BerryJuly 16, 2013
Father Andrew M. Greeley’s prolific career halted in Chicago on a chilly November day in 2008. His overcoat snagged as he stepped out of a taxi, throwing him down to a fractured skull. Vibrant at 80, Greeley underwent brain surgery. He returned to his apartment high above Chicago in the John H