Venezuelan migrants walk across the border from Venezuela into the Brazilian city of Pacaraima. In his message for World Day of Migrants and Refugees Jan. 14, Pope Francis urged countries to welcome, protect and integrate foreigners who cross their borders. (CNS photo/Nacho Doce)
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Barbara Fraser - Catholic News Service January 10, 2018
Spiraling inflation, a shortage of necessities such as food and medicine, and high crime rates have driven hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans to seek better opportunities in other countries. 
A Brazilian Indian in Brasilia takes part in a demonstration against the violation of indigenous rights on April 27. The Brazilian bishops' Indigenous Missionary Council criticized an April 30 attack in a remote area of Maranhao state that left 13 Gamela Indians injured. (CNS photo/Ueslei Marcelino, Reuters)
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Barbara Fraser - Catholic News Service September 19, 2017
Catholic leaders respond forcefully to reports that an indigenous group was massacred to make way for illegal gold mining in the Amazon, casting blame on the Brazilian government.
Barbara Fraser - Catholic News Service October 26, 2015
Allegations of abuse were described in a new book, "Mitad Monjes, Mitad Soldados" ("Half Monks, Half Priests"), by Pedro Salinas, a former member of Sodalitium Christianae Vitae, who interviewed about 30 other former members.
The Iglesia de la Compania, Quito
Barbara Fraser - Catholic News Service July 06, 2015
When Pope Francis enters the Jesuit church here July 7 for a moment of private prayer, he will step into an architectural gem where trees once grew up through the floor.The Iglesia de la Compania—the Jesuits, or Society of Jesus, are known as the Compania de Jesus in Spanish—is a "B
Barbara Fraser - Catholic News Service June 09, 2015
The encyclical, to be published on June 18, is titled "Laudato Sii" ("Praised Be").
Barbara Fraser - Catholic News Service December 29, 2014
As remote Peruvian town changes, so do Christmas celebrations
People walk near the Hualcan Glacier in the Ancash region of Peru Nov. 29. Peru is hosting the annual U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP20) in Lima Dec. 1-12. (CNS photo/ Mariana Bazo, Reuters)
Barbara Fraser - Catholic News Service December 16, 2014
The agreement reached at the end of the most recent round of international negotiations for a new climate-change treaty fails to protect the poorest and most vulnerable countries, Catholic observers said.The accord fell far short of a call from Catholic bishops from around the world to take strong m
Ruby Arazabel, 6, takes part in a Nov. 30 vigil for climate change on the eve of the U.N. climate summit in Lima, Peru. (CNS photo/Barbara Fraser)
Barbara Fraser - Catholic News Service December 11, 2014
Latin American church leaders apologized for historical complicity with colonial atrocities in the Amazon and called for a church with an "Amazonian face" in a pastoral letter issued as negotiators from around the world met for a climate summit here."The exploitation of the Amazon thr