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Arts & CultureIdeas
Bill McGarvey
The new podcast by Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama seemed like it would be a compelling listening experience...but instead “Renegades” is often a squirmy mess.  
Arts & CultureBooks
Molly Cahill
in Barack Obama's new memoir, readers get to know a host of colorful characters who played a role in the campaign for the presidency and Obama’s first term in office.
Adelle Banks - Religion News Service
Here are five faith facts about Obama from his highly anticipated book released Tuesday, Nov. 17.
Arts & CultureBooks
Christiana Zenner
Michelle Obama's autobiography is a powerful demonstration of what a strong woman can make of a “reluctantly” public life.
Former US President Barack Obama gestures to the crowd, during an event in Kogelo, Kisumu, Kenya, Monday, July 16, 2018. (AP Photo Brian Inganga)
Politics & SocietyDispatches
Anthony Egan, S.J.
In Johannesburg, Obama gave what some commentators consider his most important speech since he vacated the Oval Office.
Obsessive monitoring of the president, whoever he is, serves as a cheap, news-like substitute for actual reporting.(photo composite from CNS and AP images)
Politics & SocietyFeatures
Nathan Schneider
The presidency has become a cult to which we are expected to constantly direct our attention; the result is a disenchantment with democracy.