Faith Faith and Reason
Richard J. CliffordDecember 12, 2019
The Psalms lengthen the moment, enlarge the experience and connect a private experience to those of other human beings. Wonder fades if we do not “back it up.”
Faith Faith and Reason
Richard J. CliffordNovember 08, 2018
The record number of women who will be serving in Congress following the momentous 2018 midterm elections may not be aware that the Bible supports their initiative to serve in this moment of political crisis.
PARENTAL UNITS. Stained glass window depicting Adam and Eve in the cathedral of Brussels, Belgium.
Faith The Living Word
Richard J. CliffordOctober 24, 2014
Richard Clifford, S.J., asks, can we see Adam and Eve anew?
Faith The Living Word
Richard J. CliffordOctober 31, 2013
Richard Clifford, S.J., on the achievements and challenges of Vatican II on Scripture
Richard J. CliffordDecember 17, 2012
Do the end-of-year readings really say that our world is fated to end in terror and panic?
The Good Word
Richard J. CliffordJuly 10, 2011
Wisdom of Solomon was written in Greek sometime in the late first century BCE or early first century CE to encourage the Jewish community probably in Alexandria to be confident of their God s governance in a particularly difficult time Today s passage comes in the third part of this book Part I
Richard J. CliffordSeptember 29, 2008
A Catholic approach to the Hebrew Bible
The Good Word
Richard J. CliffordDecember 01, 2007
Some readings at the end of the liturgical year and the beginning of Advent are from apocalyptic books such as Daniel and the little apocalypses in the Synoptic Gospels These passages refer to cosmic disturbances sun and mood falling out of the sky wars and terror-stricken people giving th
The Good Word
Richard J. CliffordAugust 21, 2007
21st Sunday Ordinary Time Isa 66 18-21 is the conclusion of the book of Isaiah that began with God s condemnation of Zion a sacred name for Jerusalem as utterly corrupt 1 21-28 and his promise of a purifying visitation or judgment that would make it righteous This threatening passage howe
The Good Word
Richard J. CliffordAugust 01, 2007
Wisdom of Solomon also known as the Book of Wisdom offers a perspective on Luke 12 An extended essay in elegant Greek Wisdom of Solomon was written for Egyptian Jews around the first century B C Like some of the literature produced in this period it retells biblical traditions in an elaborate