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America Podcasts October 04, 2007
Matt Malone, S.J. considers the United States' prospects in Iraq.
America Podcasts September 27, 2007
Jim Keane, S.J., and Tim Reidy consider Andrew O'Hagan's novel, Be Near Me. This is the first installment of America's Audio Book Club.
America Podcasts September 19, 2007
Literary Editor Patricia Kossmann discusses the fall books issue.
America Podcasts September 07, 2007
James Martin, S.J. on his new book, A Jesuit Off-Broadway
America Podcasts August 31, 2007
Introducing James Keane, SJ, our newly minted associate editor, and a conversation with James DiGiacomo, S.J.
America Podcasts August 21, 2007
Tim Reidy talks with Fr. Jim McDermott about Karl Rove and the late Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger. Also, a conversation with Jesuit sociologist John Coleman.