A Syrian Democratic Forces sniper aims his weapon at Islamic State fighters in Raqqa, Syria, on Aug. 19. (CNS photo/Zohra Bensemra, Reuters)
"The international community must respond to the outrages systematically committed by Daesh with a rock-solid resolve to prevent similar future abominations from recurring."
Sister Nazik Matty in her garden in Erbil. Photo by Kevin Clarke.
Kevin Clarke Apr 25, 2019
“We have a mission here; we have a mission with the Muslim people. Our Christian community believes in this mission, that we should be ready to stay, to take this responsibility,” no matter the risks.
“Mother Mary” gazes serenely down on the traffic fuming and stalling around her in Ankawa, a suburb of Erbil. (Kevin Clarke)
Kevin Clarke Oct 02, 2018
Christians in northern Iraq try to rebuild their lives after the defeat of ISIS, but the terror of being driven from their homes is not easily forgotten.
Yazidi children from Iraq’s Sinjar region at a displaced person camp served by Jesuit Refugee Service near Shariya, Iraq. Like Nineveh’s Christians, the Yazidi people were targeted by ISIS in what U.N. investigators described as genocide in 2016. (All photos by Kevin Clarke)
Kevin Clarke Apr 19, 2019
Christians are slowly returning to help rebuild northern Iraq, but many remain fearful of an ISIS resurgence and feel abandoned by the national government.
A Yazidi family in a temporary shelter in Iraq. (Kevin Clarke)
Kevin Clarke Oct 05, 2018
Few Yazidi families have been able to escape from temporary shelters in Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan. Their home villages have not been swept for mines and booby traps left behind when ISIS was dislodged.
Cardinal Parolin said he had seen the most recent video attributed to Islamic State in which the pope and Vatican are threatened.
"I think they have chosen Somalia because there is no central authority," Bishop Giorgio Bertin said.
Layla Taalo, far right, with her daughter and niece. All were captives of ISIS. Photo by Kevin Clarke.
Kevin Clarke Aug 19, 2019
“There is no hope, no future here.”
An Iraqi policeman stands guard as worshippers pray during Christmas Eve Mass in 2016 at al-Tahira al-Kubra church in Mosul. (CNS photo/Mohammed Badra, EPA)
Kevin Clarke Dec 01, 2017
After surviving ISIS, Christian communities in Nineveh face a new threat as Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Iraqi government troops backed by Shiite militias square off across the province.
An Iraqi soldier carries an injured woman during a battle with the Islamic State group in Mosul on Feb. 28. Iraqi troops were engaged in difficult fighting with Islamic State forces in northern Iraq in an effort to reclaim land held by the militant group.(CNS photo/Goran Tomasevic, Reuters)
About 100,000 Christians -- among them more than 60,000 Syriac Catholics -- were expelled from the Ninevah Plain by the Islamic State group in the summer of 2014 as the militants campaigned to expand their reach into Iraq.

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