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And reading poetry, like the books in our 2018 poetry review, can be a great way to not make perfect sense of a thing, but to just be with a thing.
Palestinians inspect damages in the aftermath of Israeli strikes, following a Hamas surprise attack at Beach refugee camp, in Gaza City, Oct. 9, 2023. The Hamas-Israel war has entered a new phase, with more than 1,100 dead. (OSV News photo/Mohammed Salem, Reuters)
Father Neuhaus: The current military confrontations in the Holy Land are accompanied by a war to control public opinion at home and abroad. The rhetoric used on both sides basically denies the other side’s humanity.
In 2014, the American journalist James Foley was beheaded by ISIS terrorists. His mother Diane joins ‘Jesuitical’ this week to discuss his vocation, her enduring faith and a radical act of mercy.
The story of how one Iraqi refugee preserved the memory of home through her art.
Roman Catholic and Coptic Orthodox priests stand on a stage
Pope Francis announced the inscription of the 21 workers, most of them Egyptians, in the Roman Martyrology, the compendium of saints celebrated liturgically in the Catholic Church.
A man stands in front of a burnt out house following an attacked by gunmen in, Bokkos, north central Nigeria, on Dec. 26, 2023. (AP Photo)
As many as 295 people were killed in a series of apparently coordinated raids on some 30 villages in Nigeria’s Plateau State that began on Dec. 23 and continued through Christmas Day.
A tragic fire reminds us that sometimes the aftershocks of war feel even more cruel than war itself.
Pope Francis greets Iraqi Cardinal Louis Sako, patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church, in the library of the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican on Feb. 18, 2022. (CNS photo/Vatican Media)
What obligation does the United States still owe these Christians and other Iraqi religious minorities? What is it willing to do to assist and protect them?
Today on “Jesuitical,” Zac and Ashley talk with Olivier Poquillon, O.P., who oversaw the reconstruction of the Catholic Church in Mosul, Iraq, destroyed by ISIS 2014.
It can take a lot of failure to get to success. When I think back on the things I failed at in my life, I see that the failures either taught me a hard lesson or nudged me forward on a better path.