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JesuiticalFebruary 25, 2022
(Bending the Arc Film/The Film Collaborative)

The global health community and countless others who were healed, taught or simply inspired by Dr. Paul Farmer were shocked and saddened to learn of his death on Feb. 21. Dr. Farmer was a medical anthropologist, physician and co-founder of Partners In Health, a nonprofit that revolutionized global health care. He believed the poorest of the poor in places like Haiti and Rwanda deserved high-quality medical care—and dedicated his life to delivering it.

Dr. Farmer was also deeply Catholic and a man with a gift for friendship, including with Jennie Weiss Block, who we speak with this week in Signs of the Times. Jennie, a Dominican laywoman and practical theologian, served both as Paul’s chief adviser starting in 2009 and his spiritual director. We talk to Jennie about the sides of Paul the world never saw and what she thinks Paul would want his many admirers to do now to carry on his legacy.

We also had the great blessing of speaking with Paul back in June 2021, and in honor and celebration of his life, we are sharing that conversation again this week.

Dr. Paul Farmer, pray for us.

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