Health Care

A prayer gathering at Friendship House in Fayetteville
At a new residential complex in North Carolina, graduate students and adults with developmental disabilities share living quarters and meet in prayer.
The nation's worst measles outbreak in decades is prompting states to reconsider giving parents ways to opt out of immunization rules.
America Media Events June 10, 2019
America and SOMOS Community Care will host a conversation on healthcare on the margins.
Sister Carol Keehan: “The health insecurity we have created for people in this country is just overwhelming.” (CNS photo/Lisa Helfert, Georgetown University, 2015)
After 14 years at the helm of the Catholic Health Association, Sister Carol Keehan is ready to let others lead—but she still has strong opinions about the importance of Catholic hospitals and the state of U.S. health care.
Tobias Winright May 31, 2019
The costs of medicine in the United States are addressed in different, though complementary, ways in two new books on broken U.S. health care.
Our readers May 31, 2019
In their written responses, several readers invoked the Hippocratic Oath, from which the phrase “first do no harm” is derived.