Health Care

Pope Francis proposed “to globalize treatment” and said all people should be given access to life-saving medicine.
J.D. Long-García September 14, 2020
Everyone dies, but not all cultures observe death in the same way.
Pope Francis said that when it comes to treating patients, especially women, doctors and medical institutions should place their care above financial gain.
(CNS Illustration/Dado Ruvic, Reuters)
Erika Rasmussen September 10, 2020
Sister Mary Haddad on coronavirus vaccine: “It is our belief that all people regardless of immigration status—whether they be refugees or asylum seekers held in immigration centers—must be included in each priority population group.”
The bishops applaud the Trump administration “for moving NIH in a direction that shows greater consideration for medical ethics in research, and greater respect for innocent human life.”
Joe Pagetta August 21, 2020
Drawing on her years as a Baptist minister and nursing home chaplain, Lynn Casteel Harper asks the reader to reconsider much of the stigma—and terminology—that we place on people diagnosed with dementia.