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Kate Scanlon - OSV News
“Authentic palliative care is radically different from euthanasia, which is never a source of hope or genuine concern for the sick and dying,” the pope said in a message to the first International Interfaith Symposium on Palliative Care in Toronto.
A young female doctor in blue scrubs holds hands with an older female patient, both sitting on a couch. (iStock/BongkarnThanyakij)
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Don Grant
Many professionals who care for strangers are not religious workers, but they play a pivotal role in reinforcing the imago Dei, the notion that all people are made in the image of God.
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This week on “Jesuitical,” Zac and Ashley are joined by Megan Nix, the author of Remedies for Sorrow: An Extraordinary Child, a Secret Kept from Pregnant Women, and a Mother's Pursuit of the Truth.
A picture of a person holding an older person's hand who is in the hospital
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Jason T. EberlMichael OlsonBecket GremmelsE. Wesley ElyJohn J. RaphaelAllen J. AksamitLaura B. Webster
A new statement on end-of-life care threatens established Catholic tradition.
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Kevin Clarke
A court decision in Canada crossed a regrettable, if predictable, redline. For the first time, a young woman successfully applied to proceed with medical assistance in dying based on her autism diagnosis.
St Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, seen from below on a landscaped hill with a giant cross on the front windows (iStock/Susan Vineyard)
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Mary Homan
We need Catholic health care to serve the most vulnerable among us. A myopic focus on a few reproductive health procedures ignores broader questions about health care delivery for populations at risk.