Humanitarian Aid

Salwa Hanna with her children arrive at the Bardarash refugee camp, north of Mosul, Iraq, on Oct. 17. Christians originally from Afrin, Ms. Hanna’s family has now been displaced twice by Turkish incursions. “I left my home, and I had just started a new home, and I left it all behind,” she said. “There are no emotions anymore. We live as if we are dead.” (AP Photo/Hussein Malla)
Kevin Clarke October 31, 2019
This is only the latest wave of Syrian refugees and internally displaced people from Iraq to seek safety in Iraqi-Kurdistan, which already hosts 38 camps. So far 12,000 Syrian civilians have taken refuge across the border.
A firefighter douses water on a house after it was burned by the wind-driven Getty Fire outside Los Angeles Oct. 28, 2019. By Oct. 29, the fire had burned more than 600 acres and was 5% contained, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. (CNS photo/Gene Blevins, Reuters) 
Jim McDermott October 30, 2019
The convent lost power and generators were put into place as backup. A fire department captain told local media that the sisters, some of whom were on oxygen, were scared but in good spirits. “We joked with them a little bit.... They are a great bunch of ladies.”
Nurse Annet Kojo feeds a 4-day-old baby girl in the maternity ward of the St. Daniel Comboni Catholic Hospital in Wau, South Sudan, on April 16, 2018. (CNS photo/Paul Jeffrey) 
Kevin Clarke October 23, 2019
As tensions rise again with the approach of a Nov. 12 deadline for the creation of a unity government, Bishop Kussala has a message for the conflict-weary people of South Sudan. “The church is here to stay,” he said. “We serve the people; we don’t run away.”
David Hollenbach October 21, 2019
If solidarity extends only as far as national or cultural borders, refugees will not receive the support they need.
A volunteer serves a meal at a soup kitchen in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Oct. 4, 2019. Resolving the global crises of world hunger and malnutrition demands a shift away from a distorted approach to food and toward healthier lifestyles and just economic practices, Pope Francis said in an Oct. 16 message. (CNS photo/Agustin Marcarian, Reuters)
Gerard O’Connell October 16, 2019
Pope Francis said, “We must come to realize that what we are accumulating and wasting is the bread of the poor.”
Untreated chronic illnesses, wounds and stress-related complications are some of the medical issues Abaco Islands residents are still facing in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, according to a Catholic Charities-sponsored medical team leader who recently visited the region.