Humanitarian Aid

"Tens of thousands of homes have been damaged or destroyed,” Persiana Kamberaj, head of programs for Catholic Relief Services in Khartoum, said, adding that flooding has ignited an urgent need for humanitarian aid.
"We ask you, Lord, through the intercession of our Mother Virgin Mary, the star of the sea in the storm, to lead our homelands, our churches and our people to the port of safety,” Cardinal Rai pleaded.
About 30,000 Catholic men and women around the world are knights or dames of the Holy Sepulchre, pledging to support the church of Jerusalem with their prayers, regular pilgrimages and financial offerings.
Catholic News Service September 09, 2020
Archishop Paul S. Coakley, chairman of the USCCB's Committee on Domestic Justice and Development, is urging the Congress and the White House to come to an agreement on a COVID relief program.
The aftermath of the Aug. 4 bombing in Beirut have had devastating effects on the people and the economy of Lebanon.
Priests in Louisiana are discovering that by helping those affected by Hurricane Laura, they are finding renewed purpose in their vocations.