Paris 1919 Revisted

June 24, 2019

Vol. 220 / No. 14

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June 24, 2019

Faith Faith in Focus

James Carroll’s article gives no hint that we are all, in fact, sinners in need of salvation; he argues that the only thing lay Catholics need to be saved from is Catholicism itself.

Woodrow Wilson, right, sought to implement his famous Fourteen Points at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. The French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau, second from right, viewed them as hopelessly idealistic. (Photo: Alamy)
Arts & Culture Ideas

The treaty’s offhand attitude toward the non-European world stirred up resentments that lingered for decades.

Arts & Culture Books
Anthea ButlerJune 08, 2019

James Cone's autobiography shows that theology does not arrive out of a sterile doctrinal laboratory but from the pains, sufferings and triumphs of the people of God.

Arts & Culture Books

Joe Bonomo's well-written take on Roger Angell's musings on baseball.

students in library
Arts & Culture Books

John Sexton’s passion and commitment are infectious, and one cannot help hoping along with him that our universities will be able to realize the great aspirations that he has for them.

Bibles on a shelf
Arts & Culture Books
Joseph McAuleyJune 14, 2019

A devotee of the opera, Brown eagerly gave tickets to his students, hoping to get them totally immersed in the arias he loved.

The Priest in ‘Fleabag’ (photo: IMDB)
Arts & Culture Television
Jake MartinMay 22, 2019

The priest in “Fleabag” is of a type that has become, surprisingly, quite common in film and on television