Joseph McAuley is an assistant editor of America.

Arts & Culture Film
Joseph McAuleyNovember 27, 2019
'The Two Popes' tells a detailed story of the relationship between Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. But does it have all the facts right?
Arts & Culture Books
Joseph McAuleyNovember 15, 2019
In 'Barnum: An American Life,' Robert Wilson, editor of The American Scholar, shows how P. T. Barnum morphed into (as he styled himself) “The Children’s Friend.”
Arts & Culture Books
Joseph McAuleyJuly 12, 2019
The lunar landing was the seminal event of a decade that began with promise and ended with sorrow.
Politics & Society Short Take
Joseph McAuleyJuly 03, 2019
Charles Carroll of Carrollton, as he became known, was a firm believer of religious liberty and an American Catholic pioneer, but his toleration of slavery was a failure of the greatest magnitude.
Arts & Culture Last Take
Joseph McAuleyJune 28, 2019
“That’s what I want, a pleasure trip to Ireland,” said the president. It proved to be the stop Kennedy needed after tense, Cold War–era conferences in other European capitals.
Arts & Culture Books
Joseph McAuleyJune 25, 2019
The culmination of President John F. Kennedy’s vision, the lunar landing was the seminal event of a decade that began with promise and ended with sorrow, including assassinations, wars and social upheaval.
Bibles on a shelf
Arts & Culture Books
Joseph McAuleyJune 14, 2019
A devotee of the opera, Brown eagerly gave tickets to his students, hoping to get them totally immersed in the arias he loved.
Faith Faith in Focus
Joseph McAuleyApril 18, 2019

Some three months before Neil Armstrong stepped off the ladder of the lunar module and left his footprints upon the surface of the moon in July, 1969, and uttered those immortal words about it being but “one small step for man” and yet “a giant leap for mankind,” a young, brown-haired, freckle-

Dr. Joseph J. McGowan, president of Bellarmine University, Patrick Hart, O.C.S.O., and Archbishop Thomas Kelly during the ceremony at which Brother Hart received an honorary degree from Bellarmine University on May 10, 2003. (Courtesy of Bellarmine University)
Faith News
Joseph McAuleyFebruary 22, 2019
For decades, Patrick Hart was the literary executor of Thomas Merton's works and the custodian of the legacy of the 20th century’s most prominent religious seekers and teachers.
Arts & Culture Books
Joseph McAuleyFebruary 22, 2019
Arnold Offner's biography shows Hubert Humphrey as a serious man who sought a serious goal: the betterment of his fellow Americans, whether through persuasion or legislation.