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March 10, 2008

Vol. 198 / No. 8

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Local and international observers quote a popular saying to characterize the current postelection crisis in Kenya: “When two elephants fight, the grass suffers.” For us in Kenya this is not just a quaint figure of speech. It aptly describes the catastrophe that has rocked the country sin

Daniel CallahanMarch 10, 2008

The health care problem no one wants to talk about

Of Many Things
George M. AndersonMarch 10, 2008

A visit to a new NativityMiguel school

March 10, 2008

Called to Compassion Regarding At the End of Life, by Thomas A. Shannon (2/18): Although not a theologian, doctor or hospice caregiver, I have been a primary decision maker for my mother, father and mother-in-law for end-of-life medical issues. In all three cases we came to a unanimous family decisi

The EditorsMarch 10, 2008

Time has accomplished what a U.S.-supported invasion, a crushing economic embargo, the collapse of the Soviet Union and any number of external and internal catastrophes could not: the removal of Fidel Castro from direct control over the people of Cuba. Suffering from failing health, Castro has final

Faith in Focus
Richard A. BlakeMarch 10, 2008

There Will Be Blood opens in 1897, 15 years earlier than its literary source, Upton Sinclair’s Oil! The shift is significant. In 1890 the Census Bureau declared that the American frontier had been closed and the expansion of the United States from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific had been com