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July 30, 2007

Vol. 197 / No. 3

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William J. OMalleyJuly 30, 2007

Jesus loves imperfect people. On that score, all of us qualify.

In the July 30-August 6 edition of America, Vincent Gragnani writes about the new, lay face of missionaries. As the number of priests and religious ministry around the globe declines, he writes, lay

Of Many Things

Where have all the book reviews gone?

July 30, 2007

Through the Fog My thanks and congratulations to Bishop Donald W. Trautman for his excellent article on the new Mass translations being moved forward by the Inter-national Commission on English in the Liturgy (5/21). I must admit that reading it saddened me, because it is yet another indication of t

The EditorsJuly 30, 2007

Politicians pushing shopping carts down supermarket aisles are not an ordinary sight. But some in public office have been doing just that in accepting a weeklong challenge to experience the difficulties of living on a food stamp allowance of barely more than one dollar per meal. This year Congress m

Faith Features
Vincent GragnaniJuly 30, 2007

For many Catholics, the word missionary brings to mind a centuries-old image of a priest planting a cross in a foreign land and teaching, baptizing and celebrating Mass for its people. Or it may conjure up the slightly more modern image of women religious running a school in Africa or Latin America.

Faith in Focus
Thomas P. SweetserJuly 30, 2007

To be pastor for a typical Catholic parish these days is to attempt the impossible, for the pastor’s role has grown too large. It includes pastoral duties (preaching, counseling, presiding at liturgies, administrating sacraments, visiting parishioners), managing human resources (staff directio