William J. OMalleyOctober 03, 2011
The innermost core of the religious education problem is the why.
William J. OMalleyJuly 30, 2007
Jesus loves imperfect people. On that score, all of us qualify.
William J. OMalleySeptember 23, 2002
Who can tell me what I can do with my own body? The church? “Society”? The Bible? Playboy? A catechist? “Sex and the City”? With the high school students I teach, only one answer works: the objective facts and honest reasoning. Only the objective facts decide which of those c
William J. OMalleySeptember 16, 2000
If Booth Tarkington wrote Seventeen today, he’d have to call it Ten. Yet those in charge of Catholic catechesis, judging from their directories and vetting of texts, urge us to teach the young as if their families still routinely attend Sunday Benediction. Someone should inform the front offic