Should I go back to Mass? | Behind the Story

Should I go back to Mass? | Behind the Story

Churches are beginning to reopen. Should you go back to Mass? Four of America's editors who recently attended Mass at their local parishes discuss the discernment process and safety measures around this question facing Catholics during the Covid-19 pandemic. They also reflect on how the pandemic has impacted our understanding of the parish as a community.

The conversation is based on a recent article published at America: " Should you go to Mass in a pandemic? 5 rules for discerning a hard question." Read it here.

Rhett Segall
1 month 2 weeks ago

Sorry I'm so late in responding!(9/8/20) This is a lucid response to the issue. Particularly helpful is the comment on community and the Mass vis a vis masks and social distancing.. Perhaps the inherent solitude of the situation can profit from Thomas Merton's grasping of the essential connection between healthy solitude and community. Also, the principle of vicarious community that's brought out in the exchanges is most helpful. In the "morning offering" I pray "in union with the holy sacrifice of the Mass offered throughout the world" has become particularly relevant. Ashley's point about the Mass grounding our faith is excellent. Thank you all!

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