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Jim McDermott
Even as I still would like to make everyone get vaccinated right this second, I also find myself praying for those still hesitant.
Jack Jenkins - Religion News Service
Researchers highlighted the importance of faith-based overtures when it came to getting religious people vaccinated, particularly within communities of color.
Jan-Albert Hootsen
Tlaxpana is among hundreds of communities across Mexico dealing with the sudden loss of parish priests during the Covid pandemic.
Politics & SocietyNews
Luis Andres Henao and Jessie Wardarski - Associated Press
The dead include an Italian parish priest who brought the cinema to his small town in the 1950s; a beloved New York pastor who ministered to teens and the homeless; a nun in India who traveled home to bury her father after he died from COVID-19 only to contract the virus herself.
Catholic News Service
In the coronavirus year 2020, fewer Christians left the church in Germany than in previous years, two church organizations reported on Wednesday.
FaithFaith in Focus
Allan Figueroa Deck
Can we let ourselves see the graces that have arisen out of this tragedy?