Bernard G. Prusak May 28, 2020
The ethical problem with talking about ‘expected life years’
Jack Bentz, S.J. May 28, 2020
Did the old “normal” way of doing things exhaust all possibilities for communal celebration? Is that what we want to return to, even if doing so were possible?
A St. Augustine statue at the Charles Bridge crossing the Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic. (iStock/Tuayai)
Kathleen Bonnette May 28, 2020
Though Augustine might have a reputation for pessimism, Kathleen Bonnette writes, his spirituality and his actions during the siege of Hippo can offer guidance for responding to the Covid-19 crisis.
For the first time in over two months, the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem reopens, despite the uncertainty some people still have about the effects of the pandemic on public health and the local economy.
Bishop Thomas R. Zinkula of Davenport, Iowa has called for the release of three Guatemalan immigrant detainees as the pandemic places them in "a very vulnerable situation."
The once-unthinkable toll appears to be just the beginning of untold misery in the months ahead as Las Vegas casinos and Walt Disney World make plans to reopen, crowds of unmasked Americans swarm beaches and public health officials predict a resurgence by fall.