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A report on Catholic campus ministry at U.S. colleges and universities found nearly nonexistent ministry at the nation's community colleges.
Seminarian John Washington from the Archdiocese of Atlanta spent his summer tending to Washington state's bountiful apple trees, speaking "field Spanish" with Latino migrant workers, learning about life in the migrant camps and bringing the Gospel to the agricultural laborers.
Gerard O’Connell October 12, 2018
“What is important now is...not concentrating on myself but helping this church to get to a new place.”
Gerard O’Connell October 12, 2018
In a two page-letter, Pope Francis made clear not only his personal esteem for the cardinal but also that he stands by him, and the reasons for this.
Michael J. O’Loughlin October 10, 2018
While Cardinal O’Malley is perhaps the highest-ranking church official charged with examining how the church handles allegations of sexual abuse, he does not have jurisdiction over other bishops and the commission he leads does not investigate specific claims.
Archbishop Garcia-Siller recognized that this effort will be most painful for the survivors of abuse and said the Catholic Church remains committed to supporting victims in every way.