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America VideoJuly 20, 2022
Why Pope Francis will visit Canada to apologize to Indigenous Peoples

On July 24–29, 2022, Pope Francis will make a historic visit to Canada, where he will meet with many Indigenous Peoples across the country and issue an in-person apology for the Catholic Church's involvement in the residential school system, which for nearly 200 years waged a cultural war on Canada's Indigenous Peoples.

In this episode of Behind the Story, Ricardo da Silva, S.J. hosts Priscilla Solomon, C.S.J. and Gerry Kelly, both of whom have decades of experience in working for reconciliation. Ricardo, Priscilla and Gerry discuss the history of the residential school system, the Catholic Church's involvement, the church's attempts at reconciliation, and how the visit of Pope Francis could further the process of reconciliation with an encompassing apology on Canadian soil.

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