In the backyard of his modest home, the 90-year-old waters and nurtures waist-high plants known as "Job's Tears." He picks the round grains when they ripen in late summer and uses them for rosary beads.
November 13, 2018

Sidewalk prayers near shoot-up spots. Sunday sermons in the back of a bar. Pleas to struggling souls to surrender to God. Funerals for members of their flock who didn't make it.

America Films November 11, 2018
Phil Klay reflects on his time as a marine during the Iraq War and what it means to be a Catholic writer today.
The 8th Engineer Support Battalion in Amariyah-Ferris - photo by Phil Klay
Phil Klay November 11, 2018
War experience, and trauma more generally, can be an assault not only on one’s physical sense of safety, but on one’s social, moral, and spiritual conception of the world.
James Martin, S.J. November 05, 2018
If you’ve been praying the Daily Examen for a few months or even a few weeks, you may have started to notice a few ways that God is active in your life.
Emma Winters November 02, 2018
At first, I blamed God for my injury. Then I thanked God for every step.