James Martin, S.J. March 19, 2018
Jesus understands you when you are disappointed.
Eloise Blondiau March 16, 2018
It’s taken over a year for us to get our boss, Matt Malone, S.J. on Jesuitical—and we promise it was worth the wait.
Every diocese in the world still needs to have at least one trained exorcist on hand for the (rare) eventuality of an actual demonic possession, said Father Cesare Truqui.
Eric Sundrup, S.J. March 09, 2018
The film invites all of us to wear our hearts on our sleeves, to be honest and unabashedly earnest, to hope.
Today’s psalm prompts us to consider the balance of talking and listening in our lives.
Terrance Klein March 07, 2018
Have you heard the saints confess? It fills you with wonder at God’s grace, so clearly at work in their lives, in our world.