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James T. Keane
The death of cultural icon Lawrence Ferlinghetti on Monday reminds us of the many artists and writers he influenced and was influenced by—including Thomas Merton.
FaithFaith in Focus
Joe Hoover, S.J.
Life is just a very terrible thing at times, and Christ knew it and we know it and the church seems to know it. The church is something that deals, quite unflinchingly, in reality.
A conversation with author and spiritual master Father Richard Rohr from the Jesuitical podcast
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Erika Rasmussen
At the same time I haven’t been recognizing beauty every time it is before me, I also haven’t been recognizing God. What if those disconnects are related?
America Staff
After a year in which we have already given up so much, one could be forgiven for asking: Do we really need to give up chocolate, too?
FaithLent Reflections
America Staff
You’re not alone this Lent.