Ashley McKinlessColleen Dulle
“Pope Francis is not only a Jesuit; he is a Christian. And discernment is part of Christianity. Discernment is an essential dimension of Christian life in all times.”
Arts & CultureMusic
Mary Grace Mangano
“Living For The Other Side” is one way to stay conscious and alive, and to be reminded of what we are worshipping.
FaithVatican Dispatch
Pope Francis
Christian prayer, like all Christian life, is not a “walk in the park.”
FaithVatican Dispatch
Pope Francis
“There is only one great call in the Gospel, and it is that of following Jesus on the way of love,” Pope Francis said in his weekly Wednesday audience. “In this sense, charity and contemplation are synonymous.”
FaithFaith and Reason
Peter Fink
The question remains alive today, perhaps even more so after a year of living through the Covid-19 pandemic. But today it might be rephrased as two different questions for two different audiences: “How shall one go to confession now?” and “Why go to confession at all?”
FaithFaith in Focus
Jean Luc Enyegue, S.J.
The miracle is to believe that for those, like Ignatius, who believe in God and trust in God’s care and providence, there is no accident, no tragedy or failure that they cannot overcome.