Maeve Orlowski-Scherer July 02, 2020
A cartoon series from a decade ago proves to have profound lessons for today.
The WordFifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)
Jaime L. Waters July 12, 2020

‘We know that all creation is groaning in labor pains even until now.’ (Rom 8:22)


Mahri Leonard-Fleckman June 24, 2020
All will be well and all will be well: even now?
Jesuitical June 05, 2020
Meet the comedian who Father Richard Rohr called “the next Thomas Merton”
Tucker Redding, S.J. May 31, 2020
Tucker Redding, S.J. guides listeners through contemplative prayer in this 10-part limited series "Imagine: A Guide to Jesuit Prayer."
Come, Holy Spirit, to our suffering world, sick with a killing virus and everywhere threatened with silent death.