Terrance Klein May 16, 2018
We speak of spirits and ghosts when we encounter the sort of meaning that only another person can share with us, yet we cannot locate that person in our world.
James Martin, S.J. May 15, 2018
What place does your body have in your spiritual life?
Photo: America/CNS
John W. O’Malley May 14, 2018
If the church is a field hospital, I have known a place within the church where the wounded have flocked for many decades. I am speaking, of course, of Howard Gray.
James Martin, S.J. May 07, 2018
Is there something in my life that I need to take time to ponder, time to understand?
Terrance Klein May 02, 2018
We often imagine our own deaths, though typically what we picture is our funeral.
Michael Hebbeler May 02, 2018
Teaching in prison, and a racially charged encounter, amplified my consciousness of race in religious imagery.