Politics & SocietyFeatures
Dorothy Fortenberry
Nothing will change the church more profoundly than the color green ceasing to be ordinary.
Arts & CultureTelevision
Terrance Klein
What does a Catholic priest make of “Midnight Mass”? Is the Netflix show anti-Catholic?
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Luke Burgis
The worship of expertise, detached from any transcendent perspective, has already plagued modern life. Now rationality is becoming just another weapon with which to attack others.
FaithFaith in Focus
Patrick Hyde
Whatever a person’s experiences and fears of confession have been, going to confession behind a partition has a tremendous amount to offer us.
Arts & CultureBooks
Erika Rasmussen
Tola Rotimi Abraham is from Lagos, Nigeria. She writes this, her debut novel, with one foot placed in the intimate and communal confines of Lagos and the other inside her characters’ heads.
Arts & CultureTelevision
Marie Glancy O’Shea
Both the heroes and villains of “Ted Lasso” remain quite ordinary. And it is the show’s portrayal of that daily reckoning with good and evil, those small temptations, that make it easy to relate to.