James Martin, S.J. November 24, 2020
Whatever brings a person closer to God is holy.
Nick Ripatrazone November 19, 2020
A willingness to recognize the holiness of the ordinary might be the highest ideal of the solitary life.
Christopher Sandford November 19, 2020
'The root of Spiritism...is the diseased moral condition of the age,' one Catholic author wrote.
There is no better way to pray than like Mary, who opened her heart to God with humility and trust, Pope Francis said.
Joe Hoover, S.J. November 09, 2020
This is the prayer: Accept things as they are. It was all meant to be.
Simcha Fisher November 04, 2020
Whatever comes next may be ugly. We all know this. But for reasons I can hardly explain, I felt buoyed up the morning after the election.