Michael C. McCarthy, S.J. September 21, 2018
Jesuit institutions need to offer persuasive alternatives to the dystopian narratives that shape our personal and institutional psyches.
Anna J. Marchese September 13, 2018
“8beats,” the brainchild of the Catholic Creatives, is an ambitious new project: a cinematic anthology on the beatitudes.
Terrance Klein September 12, 2018
God is the small burst of joy that suddenly reveals how dark our worlds really are.
Terrance Klein September 05, 2018
Belief is not a one-time event. It’s a transformation we must await.
Kaya Oakes September 04, 2018
The Nuns and Nones project seeks to bring these two groups together in order to explore new forms of community life, help millennials see models for sustainable activism and create an intergenerational network of connections.
James Martin, S.J. September 04, 2018
What happens when you pray? You can experience powerful emotions, surprising insights and consoling memories. You can also experience feelings, both physical and otherwise.