Vanessa Redgrave in a stage adaptation of ‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’ (photo: Getty Images)
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Robert E. Hosmer Jr.April 17, 2018
‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’ brought an unforgettable, iconic character to the literary stage.
Westminster Abbey, London, England (iStock)
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Robert E. Hosmer Jr.November 30, 2017
As a movement directed at unity and uniformity (Henry’s vision), the English Reformation was a high-stakes failure.
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Robert E. Hosmer Jr.April 17, 2017
Robert Hosmer reviews "Kenneth Clark: Life, Art and Civilization" by James Stourton.
Robert E. Hosmer Jr.March 16, 2016
'Lord of the World,' by Robert Hugh Benson
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Robert E. Hosmer Jr.May 22, 2006
It may well be a curse rather than a blessing to be described as a religious or spiritual poet todaynot simply because in a secular or post-secular age such labels are anathema but because such designations may raise expectations of simple-minded pious jingles that are a far cry from the real thi
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Robert E. Hosmer Jr.April 18, 2005
Derek Walcott published his first book of verse Twenty Five Poems at the age of 18 then went on to a career that has produced 20 books of poetry as well as several dozen plays and a dozen works of non-fiction Now we have The Prodigal an epic from this postcolonial nomad who has drifted among Eu
Robert E. Hosmer Jr.October 11, 2004
Czeslaw Milosz rsquo s last collection of poems is a thoroughly typical series of lyric exercises deepening and enriching the concerns that preoccupied him during his long career as a poet The 32 poems in Second Space dwell on the mysteries of the human predicament and the movement of history towa