Michael Tueth, S.J, professor emeritus at Fordham University, has retired and is living in St. Louis, where he is engaged in writing, conducting retreats, providing spiritual direction and other ministries.
Arts & Culture Books
Michael V. Tueth, S.J.February 22, 2019
Jerome Neyrey's new book displays the many ways in which Jesus was not only “like us in all things” but also definitely a person incarnated in his own culture.
Arts & Culture Film
Michael V. Tueth, S.J.February 20, 2019
“The Wife” and “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” feature female protagonists with strongly contrasting stories.
‘St. Ignatius and the Passion in the World in the 21st Century’
Arts & Culture Books
Michael V. Tueth, S.J.April 24, 2018
More than 50 of his striking icons are in glorious display book.
Arts & Culture Film
Michael V. Tueth, S.J.February 28, 2018
These movies are appearing at a time when our country’s leadership is treating many groups as outsiders who do not belong in the United States.
With Veterinary Technician Jude's help, Sister Toni Temporiti, C.P.P.S., hands over a pregnant cow to Guadencia, a farmer in Masaka, Uganda, marking the beginning of her "living loan" in 2012. (Photo by Heather Cammarata)
Politics & Society Dispatches
Michael V. Tueth, S.J.October 26, 2017
The price of that hamburger could help an African family start a business. And the money to do this could be given to them as a loan, not as a charitable gift.
Arts & Culture Books
Michael V. Tueth, S.J.October 13, 2016
Viertel tells many backstage stories about how the directors and composers managed to avoid a disaster, sometimes only a few hours ahead of opening night.
TO THE CHOIR. Emily Donahoe and Andrew Garman in “The Christains”
Michael V. Tueth, S.J.October 21, 2015
‘The Christians’ explores heaven and hell on stage
STAGE MOTHER. Ryan Quinn and Sherie Rene Scott in "Whorl Inside a Loop"
Michael V. Tueth, S.J.September 08, 2015
Profiling the lives of men in prison
A WRETCH LIKE ME. Josh Young, center, with the cast of “Amazing Grace”
Michael V. Tueth, S.J.July 21, 2015
The story behind a beloved hymn
TABLE TALK. The cast of “Disgraced.”
Michael V. Tueth, S.J.January 28, 2015
The provocative, gripping challenge of ‘Disgraced’