Michael C. McCarthy, S.J., is vice president for mission integration and planning and an associate professor of theology at Fordham University.

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Michael C. McCarthy, S.J.December 17, 2020
David Tracy's two-columns collection of previously published essays present a compelling argument for the value of theology in today's troubled world.
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Arts & Culture Books
Michael C. McCarthy, S.J.June 28, 2019
In his book, "Religion in the University," a reworking of a series of lectures given at Yale in 2001, Nicholas Wolterstorff examines a range of assumptions held by academics.
Faith Features
Michael C. McCarthy, S.J.September 21, 2018
Jesuit institutions need to offer persuasive alternatives to the dystopian narratives that shape our personal and institutional psyches.
Arts & Culture Books
Michael C. McCarthy, S.J.November 03, 2016
The pervasiveness of the internet has changed the game and made issues of free speech far more complex than they have ever been.