Matthew Wooters, S.J., is a Jesuit brother working at Nativity Jesuit Academy in Milwaukee.


Faith Faith in Focus
Matthew Wooters, S.J. September 24, 2018
Brotherhood must not be used as a cloak for privilege and secrecy.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Matthew Wooters, S.J. May 17, 2017
Harry Styles' first solo album, "Harry Styles," has a ‘70s, tender space-rock feel, but with enough of its own vibe that it can stand on its own alongside contemporary guardians of rock.
Politics & Society Short Take
Matthew Wooters, S.J. February 14, 2017
Repealing DACA would tear apart families and hurt the economy, while ripping the moral fabric that makes our immigrant nation great.
Faith in Focus
Matthew Wooters, S.J. January 07, 2016
Cheer on the opponent? Know who has fans here and who doesn’t? Where was I?