Under the D.S.R.I.P. model, physicians keep a close eye on their patients’ progress to prevent unnecessary hospitalizations. (iStock/sturti)
Politics & Society Short Take
Mario J. ParedesJuly 31, 2017
Several states are pioneering a system that rewards long-term wellness rather than a higher volume of health care services.
Politics & Society
Mario J. ParedesFebruary 02, 2017
Medical science must answer its highest calling: the promotion of the health and well-being of all humankind.
Members of Catholic Association of Latino Leaders gather for Mass at annual meeting in Los Angeles, Aug. 27
Mario J. ParedesOctober 03, 2013
Between September and October of each year, coinciding with Mexican Independence Day (Sept. 16) and ending with the celebration of the “Encounter of Two Worlds” (Oct. 15), in the United States we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, a nationally recognized observance that has been enacted
In All Things
Mario J. ParedesAugust 09, 2013
Before the popes both the Venerable Paul VI and the Blessed John Paul II began to travel it was possible to debate the pope rsquo s popularity among the Latin American people Distant situated on another continent object of insufficient catechesis that produced myths and religious prejudice Ca