Jim McDermott, S.J., is America’s Los Angeles correspondent.
Michael Osborne, a film director, documents the damage from a mud slide next to his home in Los Angeles on Jan. 18, after three days of heavy rain. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)
Politics & Society Dispatches
Jim McDermottJanuary 23, 2019
The conceit of California-as-disaster-movie is ridiculous. But maybe watching our fires and mudslides helps other states consider both their own fragility and their underlying strength.
A Honduran man carries his 3-year-old son as his daughter and other son follow to a transport vehicle after being detained by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents in San Luis, Ariz., on July 18. Federal judges in California have challenged more of the Trump administration's "zero-tolerance" policy on illegal immigration. (AP Photo/Matt York, File)
Politics & Society Dispatches
Jim McDermottDecember 21, 2018
Though they certainly knew what it was like to find their lives in danger, the Holy Family would find many of the trials undocumented migrants and refugees are asked to endure today incomprehensible.
Arts & Culture Television
Jim McDermottDecember 18, 2018
The very best television is like an Ignatian contemplation: It tells stories that offer us some kind of gift—an insight or encouragement for our lives.
The ruins of São Miguel das Missões, a 17th-century Jesuit mission in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, now preserved as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations. (iStock/Thiago Santos)
Politics & Society Short Take
Jim McDermottDecember 11, 2018
A new study finds higher literacy rates and income levels in the areas around former Jesuit missions in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.
Photo courtesy of LMU CARES
Faith Dispatches
Jim McDermottNovember 26, 2018
How do you create an open, nonjudgmental opportunity for conversation about sexual activity in the context of the Catholic faith?
Politics & Society News Analysis
Jim McDermottNovember 20, 2018
A disaster like this creates so many brutal little ironies.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Jim McDermottNovember 13, 2018
As wild and wonderful as Marvel Comics characters’ superpowers might be, their back stories are always grounded in reality.
Kerry Bishé in ‘The Romanoffs’ (Jan Thijs/Amazon Studios via AP)
Arts & Culture Television
Jim McDermottOctober 25, 2018
The fact is I can’t help but think of Weiner and his relationship with women as I’m watching his new series for Amazon.
Arts & Culture Film
Jim McDermottOctober 03, 2018
On the eve of Romero’s canonization, the film’s actors and writers look back at the seminal biopic
Faith Interviews
Jim McDermottSeptember 19, 2018
Australia’s Bishop Long Van Nguyen on how the church can heal during the sexual abuse crisis.