Gregory Hillis is an associate professor of theology at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Ky.
Faith Ideas
Gregory HillisApril 02, 2018
Charity is lacking in the dialogue of our polarized church. But this doesn’t mean something is wrong with dialogue itself.
Arts & Culture Books
Gregory HillisSeptember 11, 2017
A new introduction could plant seeds in children that will perhaps flower later in life.
Faith Short Take
Gregory HillisAugust 28, 2017
Did Pope Francis snub Latin-Mass goers? Or is he taking their concerns seriously? 
Politics & Society Short Take
Gregory HillisJuly 25, 2017
When I heard President Trump’s address to the Boy Scout Jamboree last night, I was appalled.
Faith in Focus
Gregory HillisSeptember 08, 2015
Living in a family divided by the Tiber