Pope Francis celebrates a Mass to open the extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican Oct. 5. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)
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Christopher J. RuddyOctober 27, 2014
Pope Francis rsquo first public word to the cardinals who elected him was ldquo movement rdquo In a homily delivered in the Sistine Chapel the day after his election he preached that the church must move by journeying building and professing Jesus Christ crucified ldquo When we stop moving
Christopher J. RuddyNovember 08, 2010
How the bishops can advance Christian unity
Christopher J. RuddyAugust 04, 2008
Avery Dulles' 'Church and Society,' reviewed
Christopher J. RuddyMay 22, 2006
When Joseph Ratzinger chose Benedict XVI as his papal name, commentators quickly and correctly pointed out its significance. And in the year since his election, the new pope’s actions have borne out many of those expectations. His warm meeting and dinner last September with Hans Küng—th
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Christopher J. RuddyAugust 01, 2005
Roger Haight needs little introduction to readers of America A Jesuit for over 50 years past president of the Catholic Theological Society of America and the author of several prize-winning books of theology he now teaches at the interdenominational Union Theological Seminary in New York City I
Christopher J. RuddyMarch 03, 2003
Seventy-two times a minute. 4,320 times an hour. 103,680 times a day. Almost 38 million times a year. Over 2.6 billion times in the course of an average life. Fist-sized, the human heart beats powerfully and durably. It must be sturdy enough to contract and send fresh blood throughout the entire bod
Christopher J. RuddyJune 03, 2002
The clerical sexual abuse scandals in Boston and elsewhere have brought home how far the Catholic Church still has to go in receiving into its life the Second Vatican Council, nearly 40 years after that council’s close. The council devoted itself, quite deliberately, to the nature and mission
Christopher J. RuddyMay 06, 2002
In Lake Wobegon land, where I teach, ecumenism is largely a Lutheran-Catholic affair, cemented by the shared sacraments of beer and ice-fishing. My students are not much concerned with the subtleties of the recent joint declaration on justification or with the difference between transubstantiation a
Christopher J. RuddyDecember 17, 2001
It may be imprudentand impudentfor this reviewer who teaches at Benedictine institutions to suggest that readers of a Jesuit journal have much to learn from a Dominican Timothy Radcliffe who recently finished a term as master general of the Dominicans and was rumored as a successor to Cardinal B