Ben Wilkie is a historian and freelance writer based in Victoria, Australia.
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Ben Wilkie
In his new novel, Christos Tsiolkas depicts acts of profound cruelty and sadism, but also shows the love shared among the early followers of Jesus,
Rural Fire Service crews engage in property protection during wildfires along the Old Hume Highway near the town of Tahmoor, Australia, outside Sydney, Dec. 19, 2019. Wildfires have been burning since August and have destroyed an area comparable to the combined region of the Netherlands and Belgium. (CNS photo/Dean Lewins, AAP via Reuters)
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Ben Wilkie
The nation’s Catholics have started to reflect on their long-term responsibilities in the face of this unprecedented environmental catastrophe.
Ben Wilkie
“The Catholic Church does not view the sacramental seal as incompatible with maintaining child safety. The Church wants measures that will genuinely make environments safer for children. There has been no compelling evidence to suggest that legal abolition of the seal of confession will help in that regard.”