Allyson Escobar July 13, 2018
Though most Catholics say they use artificial contraception, the church is finding a receptive audience for Natural Family Planning programs.
Documents in the Vatican Secret Archives and the archives of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith prove it was a "myth" that Blessed Paul VI largely set out on his own in writing "Humanae Vitae," the 1968 encyclical on married love and the regulation of births.
The encyclical is notably known for upholding church renouncement of contraception.
Catholic News Service February 12, 2018
"The Catholic Church clearly teaches that contraception is an immoral action that contradicts the truth of marital love."
Catholic News Service December 18, 2017
The lawsuits aim to take away the exemption granted in October to the Little Sisters of the Poor and other religious employers allowing them to refuse to cover contraceptives for their employees on moral grounds.
Associated Press November 07, 2017
The University of Notre Dame is reversing itself and now telling employees they will continue to receive no-cost birth control coverage.