Civil Rights

Rep. John Lewis of Georgia is shown in a scene from the documentary "John Lewis: Good Trouble" about the longtime racial equality activist and member of Congress. (CNS photo/courtesy Magnolia Pictures)
Kerry Kennedy July 19, 2020
I asked Mr. Lewis how he felt then, four and half decades after being bludgeoned by state troopers. He replied with one word: “Grateful.”
The Editors July 13, 2020
The court is functioning less as a judicial body than as a relief valve for legislative dysfunction and executive overreach.
The Editors June 17, 2020
As with the Obergefell decision, this ruling also affords the church an opportunity to reimagine its public witness.
If police officers commit crimes while on duty, "the court has put up a number of hurdles to make it difficult to bring injunctive relief against an entire police department."
Michael Swan June 09, 2020
The Catholic bishops of Canada, in commenting on the protests over George Floyd's death, are acknowledging that racism isn't just a U.S. problem, but a Canadian problem as well.
As the protests over the death of George Floyd continued, more and more Catholic clergy are joining in, lending their voices in demanding justice and human rights.