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April 18, 2011

Vol.204 / No.13

Antonello da Messina and the suffering Christ

Signs Of the Times

Violent protests by South Africans demanding better living conditions are a warning to the authorities, church leaders said.

Faith in Focus
Colleen ShaddoxApril 18, 2011

Even America's political polarization cannot keep us apart.

Barbara E. ReidApril 18, 2011

As the people of Japan, Christchurch and Haiti slowly rebuild their lives after suffering the devastating effects of earthquakes, a detail unique to Matthew’s account of the empty tomb catches one’s attention. The placid daybreak is shattered with “a great earthquake” (28:2),

Mary Ellen O'ConnellApril 18, 2011

Pro-democracy protests began against the dictatorial regime of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi in mid-February. Within days, Qaddafi resorted to force, killing dozens. Within a week, regime opponents had opted for armed conflict. The rebels gained control of Benghazi and other towns, but as Qaddafi

April 18, 2011

God Did What? Ilia Delio’s “Faith and the Cosmos” (4/4) reminds me, as I work on my Ph.D. in historical theology at a Catholic university, that few of my colleagues are capable of doing much in regard to science and evolution. The biggest obstacle is not lack of desire, let alone a

Signs Of the Times

The Supreme Court on April 4 tossed out a challenge to Arizona’s tuition tax credit program.