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December 3, 2007

Vol.197 / No.18
Bill WilliamsDecember 03, 2007

In his provocative new book The Stillborn God the historian Mark Lilla tackles the centuries-old debate about the nexus between politics and religion After 1 500 years during which religion and government were inextricably intertwined political philosophers began to question the wisdom of that

Margaret SilfDecember 03, 2007

In the beginning, God ran the grains of the embryonic earth through creating fingers and dreamed a dream: that every one of these grains might become, in Gods love and power, a being capable of reflecting something of the mystery from which it springs; that each grain might become what it is destine

Leonard J. CirinoDecember 03, 2007

To Leonard, few of the secrets are given.

The Word
Daniel J. HarringtonDecember 03, 2007

The Scripture readings for Advent promote a promise-and-fulfillment approach to the Bible Most Christians view the Old Testament readings as divine promises that have been fulfilled in Jesus Almost every official Catholic document on biblical interpretation including the Second Vatican Councils D

Faith in Focus
James MassaDecember 03, 2007

A report from an ecumenical congress in Europe

The EditorsDecember 03, 2007

In an ideal world, a presidential election campaign would be a time to consider competing visions of the most important challenges that now confront the United States. How to respond to the continuing threat of international terrorism assuredly is one of those challenges. Unfortunately our present p

Faith in Focus
Drew ChristiansenDecember 03, 2007

The aspirations Isaiah voices are ours: for freedom, justice, liberation, and peace.