Bill Williams is a freelance writer in West Hartford, Conn., and a former editorial writer for The Hartford Courant. He is a member of the National Book Critics Circle.

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Bill WilliamsApril 06, 2018
World Without End showcases Father Keating’s wisdom and his lifelong passion for connecting with God in silence.
Bill WilliamsOctober 07, 2015
In her urgent new book, Heretic, Ayaan Hirsi Ali argues persuasively that extremists have seized control of Islam by citing passages in Islam’s holy books that sanction violence.
Bill WilliamsApril 01, 2014
Israeli journalist Ari Shavit's 'My Promised Land' offers a compelling, soul-searching mix of history, politics, culture and military strategy.
Bill WilliamsMarch 12, 2014
Americans support United States interventions abroad ldquo only so long as someone else rsquo s kid does the fighting and future generations get stuck with the bill rdquo So concludes Andrew J Bacevich in this passionate new book about military policy in the post-Vietnam era Bacevich has excelle
Bill WilliamsApril 17, 2013
Andrew Solomon’s new book is a masterpiece of dogged research and persuasive writing.
Bill WilliamsApril 30, 2012
Beautiful Souls examines the mystery of what impels people to do something risky and transgressive.
Bill WilliamsFebruary 27, 2012
Joan Didion ponders her daughter's life in spare prose that is at once insightful and depressing.
Bill WilliamsNovember 07, 2011
The saga of one church in San Francisco slated for closure
Bill WilliamsSeptember 19, 2011
How men and women religious responded to 9/11.
Bill WilliamsApril 25, 2011
In the wake of her husband's death, Joyce Carol Oates struggled with resentment, despair, rage, and guilt.