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June 4, 2007

Vol.196 / No.20
The EditorsJune 04, 2007

Raids by federal agents on five Swift meatpacking plants last December around the country, as well as raids in New Bedford, Mass., in March, called public attention to the fear haunting the lives of undocumented immigrants. As the raids demonstrated, fear of family breakup runs high among the

June 04, 2007

Since we launched our new Web site on Thursday night, some subscribers have been unable to log-in. We apologize for this inconvenience. We are working hard to locate the problem. To report a problem, contact [email protected]

Gerald O'CollinsJune 04, 2007

Now two years into his papacy Pope Benedict XVI has published a work that is fast becoming a bestseller everywhere ldquo This book rdquo he stipulates ldquo is in no way an exercise rdquo of his official magisterium but ldquo solely rdquo a testimony to his ldquo personal search for the f

Martin MaierJune 04, 2007

Why do you return to your former parish in El Salvador every year or two?

Carl A. AndersonJune 04, 2007

With a new president in Mexico and a more immigration-friendly majority in place in both houses of the U.S. Congress, our nation is positioned to take a fresh approach to relations with Mexico in particular and Latin America in general. Catholics on both sides of the border are particularly well sit

Of Many Things
Joseph A. O'HareJune 04, 2007

You may not have noticed, but the listing of associate editors on the masthead of this journal is determined by seniority. When I returned from the Philippines in the Spring of 1972 to join the staff, my name was added at the end of a list of seven other Jesuits who had preceded me. Immediately ahea

June 04, 2007

No One Now Believes

Why We Must Withdraw From Iraq, by Msgr. Robert W. McElroy, (4/30) is an excellent argument against war in general; but before we carry out his suggested prudently crafted American military withdrawal from Iraq, we should make sure that Iran, Syria, Osama bin