Archbishop Rino Fisichella
Gerard O’Connell May 05, 2015
'Missionaries of Mercy' will be designated for every diocese for whole of the Holy Year
Jim McDermott May 04, 2015
Activists in L.A. say high fees aren't about parking issues but shoring up the budget.
Prime Minister David Cameron
David Stewart May 04, 2015
Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon emerges as most striking campaign personality
Pope Francis celebrates Mass at Pontifical North American College in Rome.
Gerard O’Connell May 02, 2015
Francis defends Serra against charges that he was cruel to native peoples.
Kevin Clarke May 01, 2015
Three days after his city was rocked by civil unrest that began as a young man who died while in police custody was laid to rest, Baltimore Archbishop William Lori was pondering how the local church could respond to the crisis in the city’s streets.
A man reads from a missal during Mass in a makeshift Catholic chapel in a village outside Tianjin, China, July 2012.
Gerard O’Connell May 01, 2015
Two priests were elected as candidates to be bishops of two Catholic dioceses in the Province of Henan the birthplace of Chinese civilization in central China They were chosen in closely supervised elections on April 28 and 29 and must now obtain approval from the State-sanctioned Bishops rsquo