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A leading contributor to climate change is the release of methane gas from livestock grazing in pastures and confined in feedlots around the globe. (iStock/dusanpetkovic)
Pope Francis has called for Catholics to support principles of “total sustainability.” A meat industry that warms the planet, ravages forests and fouls our water is incompatible with those principles.
Archbishop Gallagher on U.S.-Vatican relations, the Holy See joining the Paris climate agreement and where Pope Francis hopes to visit in the coming year.
Having begun the process of synodality, we should not let the process go dormant until after the pope’s apostolic exhortation on the universal synod is released in 2024.
Solar panels are seen on the roof of the Paul VI audience hall at the Vatican in this Dec. 1, 2010, file photo. Installing “green rooftops” are one way for colleges to participate in the Laudato Si’ Action Platform. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)
“Laudato Si’” reveals global ecological challenges that threaten our very existence. Catholic universities cannot wait to embrace clean energy and help build a sustainable world.
A colorful array of fresh fruits and vegetables on a platter.
I became a vegetarian, and I am now thinking about becoming a vegan. In this discernment, I see God staring back at me.
Bishop McElroy said he and the pope share a view that the church should focus on “more inclusion” and “outreach to people who have been alienated from the church in the past.”
Were a papal document forthcoming it could lead to a new and definitive papal teaching document on issues as polarizing as contraception, assisted procreation and palliative care.
At Washington Jesuit Academy, students compete for honor roll in bright classrooms, whizzing around athletic fields during three daily recesses and learning a wide range of skills, from gardening to computer coding.
Men cutting turf from bog in Maamturk Mountains near Cong, Ireland. iStock photo.
Destroying bogland is the Irish equivalent of burning the Amazon.
Many Catholics are now devastated to lose access to a treasured rite that has nourished their spiritual lives for decades.