How do we talk about consent on Catholic campuses?

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In recent years, there has been a lot of debate around the word “consent” when it comes to preventing sexual assault on campus. What can Catholic colleges and universities bring to these discussions? How do we talk about sexual encounters that church teaching says shouldn’t be happening outside of marriage in the first place? To find out, we talk with Briana Maturi, who leads Loyola Marymount University’s consent program, called LMU CARES. 


We ask Briana about the hook-up and dating scene on campuses today, what a culture of consent looks like after college and what bystanders can do prevent sexual assault and harassment.

In Signs of the Times, we discuss Pope Francis’ historic trip to the Arabian Peninsula and Cuba’s newest Catholic Church. Next, how should bishops respond when Catholic politicians support abortions. And in Midwest news: The bishops in Illinois come out against the legalization of recreational marijuana, and the University of Notre Dame covers up murals of Christopher Columbus.

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Margaret River Distilling Co.’s Giniversity, provided by our friends at Adelaide’s Catholic Office for Youth and Young Adults and Pub Theology Adelaide

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Andrew Wolfe
5 months 1 week ago

"Consent" only allows students to avoid rape charges. It doesn't protect them from the spiritual and psychological damage they inflict on themselves through fornication. The whole notion of "consent," because it implicitly involves unmarried people, is wrong. Drug addicts consent to shooting up; that doesn't make it any less self-destructive.

Erin B
5 months 1 week ago

Consent does not only involve unmarried people. Marital rape exists. Consent is just as important in a marital relationship.

rose-ellen caminer
5 months 1 week ago

Not all women want to talk dirty.It's one thing to want sex with someone, and another to want to talk about it while you're doing it! Talking about it can be a real turn off, for some women. So this mandate requiring verbal consent throughout a sexual encounter, is problematic.And they wonder why many young males prefer porn!

Erin B
5 months 1 week ago

Please explain to me how verbal consent is talking dirty.

rose-ellen caminer
5 months 1 week ago

Consent between humans, who are complex, takes on many forms. People can read consent through body language and mini vocalizations.Spontaneity and surprise, is a big element in an erotic experience. People want to dominate or be dominated sexually. All of the above are valid expressions of who we are.All must be withing the realm of consent. Forget about my stupid joke.

Dionys Murphy
5 months 1 week ago

"Consent between humans, who are complex, takes on many forms. People can read consent through body language and mini vocalizations." Nope. That's not consent. That's guessing, and more often than not psychological projection. Explicit consent is necessary.

rose-ellen caminer
5 months 1 week ago

People generally do understand each other non verbally.If there is non verbal miscommunication ["psychological projection"], then verbal correction is needed.[duh]There is no need for this mandated explicit -verbal -consent- police narrative.So sad to see such fascist micromanaging of human sexuality directed at young people, who lack the discernment to resist what they intuit is unnatural manipulation[ BS].


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