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FaithNews Analysis
Claire Giangravé - Religion News Service
A book on sexuality by the Vatican’s doctrinal chief may have raised eyebrows, but Pope Francis has long been calling for the church to offer more robust teaching on sex.
Justin McLellan – Catholic News Service
The 90-page book contained a chapter detailing the differences between male and female orgasms—and how one can find God’s love in either—while another chapter was titled “God in the partner’s orgasm.”
Arts & CultureMusic
Christine Lenahan
American pop star Sabrina Carpenter filmed her most recent music video in a Catholic church, but Catholic iconography has long been the basis for pop songs with sexual themes and erotic imagery.
FaithFaith and Reason
Grace J. Wojdak
Discussions around consent should become a commonplace feature of Catholic conversations about sexual ethics. They can serve especially as a corrective to the harmful use of “marital debt” rhetoric within Catholic culture.
An oral contraceptive tray is seen among several packages of colorful pills on a counter.
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Teresa S. Collett
Natural family planning rebuts the basic assumptions of the sexual revolution and the idea that sex is primarily a recreational activity, “safe” between any two people with the proper pills.
Dorothy Day in her bedroom at the Catholic Worker in New York City
Stephen G. Adubato
Dorothy Day synthesized seemingly contradictory values with insight and nuance. Perhaps the most perplexing of her beliefs were those on sexuality and romantic love.