February 18, 2019

Vol. 220 / No. 4

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February 18, 2019

Faith Faith in Focus
Joe Hoover, S.J. February 08, 2019

People love yoga. People love the spirituality of St. Ignatius Loyola. Mash the two together, and you have created a nice, marketable concept that can sweep a bundle of folks into the arms of the Lord and/or the Society of Jesus.

Arts & Culture Ideas
Peter Fleming February 08, 2019

In the age of “Hot Desks” and “Hoteling,” we need to look to Jesus, the great sitter.

Arts & Culture Books
D. J. Waldie February 05, 2019

Los Angeles is a city that grabs you by the arm—nearly by the throat—and insists you hear another explanation of what it means.

Arts & Culture Books
Serena Sigillito February 08, 2019

“If there is one word to describe modern culture,” writes Haley Stewart, “it might be unsatisfied. No matter how much we have, it’s never enough.”

Arts & Culture Books
Christopher Kaczor February 08, 2019

Have you ever wondered why a snake entwined on a staff is a symbol of medicine? Or why doctors take an oath to practice medicine?

Arts & Culture Books
Jeremy Zipple February 08, 2019

Through their stories, we too are allowed to cry and hope with these blessed ones.

Arts & Culture Film
Emma Winters January 07, 2019

The new documentary ‘Hesburgh’ highlights stories of bridge building by the legendary university president