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November 26, 2018

Vol. 219 / No. 12

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Magazine Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.November 14, 2018

No single person can be trusted to wield power; therefore, power must be shared among many and policed by a legal system of checks and balances.

Politics & Society Your Take
Our readersNovember 16, 2018

Respondents cited current events as evidence for how irresponsible political rhetoric can result in violence.

Magazine Your Take
Our readersNovember 16, 2018

I see what the author speaks of and realize that they are all gifts God has placed in our lives to show God’s presence and grace.

Politics & Society Editorials
The EditorsOctober 29, 2018

We must reject violence. But this is the least that we should do.

Politics & Society Editorials
The EditorsNovember 07, 2018

After the midterms, there are a variety of other issues on which compromise is still achievable and where “good politics” can still be practiced.

Politics & Society Short Take
Patrick T. BrownNovember 09, 2018

Many students turn to porn because of loneliness or frustration. But colleges should encourage a healthier view of human sexuality than what is found in the exploitative underbelly of the web.

A mother and child join a housing and land protest in Johannesburg in May 2017. (CNS photo/Kim Ludbrook, EPA)
Politics & Society Dispatches
Anthony Egan, S.J.October 29, 2018

While a new black middle class has emerged, while the politically connected got rich, some even becoming billionaires, the vast majority of South Africans remain poor.