September 18, 2017

Vol.217 / No.6

September 18, 2017

Faith Dispatches
Gerard O’ConnellAugust 24, 2017

The reform of the liturgy introduced by Vatican II is here to stay.

Claudio Montes checks a shipping manifest for U.S. manufactured parts heading to assembly plants in Mexico at Freight Dispatch Service Agency LTD in Pharr, Texas in June 2017. The freight service ships parts between the U.S. and Mexico that pass through the border freely due to the North American Free Trade Agreement. (Nathan Lambrecht/The Monitor via AP, File)
Politics & Society Dispatches
Jan-Albert HootsenAugust 29, 2017

Nafta has been the world’s most valuable trade deal, and its consequences are more deeply felt in Mexico than in the United States or Canada.

Floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey surround homes in Port Arthur, Texas, on Aug. 31. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
Politics & Society Dispatches
Kevin ClarkeAugust 31, 2017

“I cannot compare it to anything,” Donna Markham, O.P., president of Catholic Charities USA, says of the storm. “The expanse of it…it is bigger than Katrina. The loss of life has not been as great as Katrina, but the damage is just monumental.”

An immigration rally takes place April 18 outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington. The U.S. bishops' migration committee chair in a July 18 statement urged President Donald Trump to "ensure permanent protection" for youth under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA. (CNS photo/Tyler Orsburn) 
Politics & Society Features

In the face of an emboldened white supremacy movement, I find the defensive posture of some conservatives more and more trying.

Politics & Society Features
Nathan SchneiderSeptember 07, 2017

In our search for viable economic models, we would do well to look to the cooperatives and collective enterprises that have worked well elsewhere, including some surprisingly long-lived examples from northern Italy.

Faith Faith in Focus
Tim PriceJune 22, 2017

My father was a decorated New York City police officer, but he retired early to focus on his drinking.

Arts & Culture Ideas

The story of Austin Steward, a former slave who fought against slavery in northwest New York