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May 11, 2009

Vol. 200 / No. 15

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May 11, 2009

Alicia LincolnMay 11, 2009

One Jesuit school's comprehensive approach to education

Education for justice requires freeing the imagination and stimulating inventiveness.

Douglas W. KmiecMay 11, 2009

Justice has often been depicted as both female and blindfolded to convey impartiality. The femininity of the judicial symbol is ironic, since as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has pointed out more than once, it's lonely, gender-ly speaking, on the high bench. But what of empathy, the ability to

George M. AndersonMay 11, 2009

Service arising from faith in a God who cares for the world's most vulnerable: these were hallmarks of an April 15, 2009 conference that celebrated the ten-year collaboration between Catholic Relief Services and Fordham University. CRS places graduates of Fordham's International Political

John LanganMay 11, 2009

Recent storms sighted above the Hilltop and the Golden Dome remind us that the Catholic academic community is not living through a time of political serenity, but has a continuing ability to draw lightning strikes from the media, from theological vigilantes and from concerned bishops. How are

Of Many Things

Expectations are low for the pope's visit to the Holy Land, but I am ready to be surprised.