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December 3, 2007

Vol. 197 / No. 18

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Maximos DaviesDecember 03, 2007

When protesters in Belgrade converged on the patriarchal headquarters of the Serbian Orthodox Church last April, they were angry about proposed liturgical reforms. The reforms included an instruction to priests to recite aloud some previously silent prayers and to leave the holy doors in the icon sc

Mary Jane EnglandDecember 03, 2007

Michael Moore’s film “Sicko” uses social commentary to hold health care in the United States up to shame. Though Moore neither adequately diagnoses nor prescribes treatment for the patient he observes—our health care system—his film prods viewers into thinking seriously

Of Many Things
Jim McDermottDecember 03, 2007

Francis Xavier, meet Ignatius Loyola: re-imagining a famous encounter

December 03, 2007

Facing the Truth Of Many Things, by Drew Christiansen, S.J., (10/29) is a perfect example of why I subscribe to America. It was beautiful writing about a very painful subject that we all must face someday, the end of a parents life. What is really important in life is the individual human spirit and

The EditorsDecember 03, 2007

In an ideal world, a presidential election campaign would be a time to consider competing visions of the most important challenges that now confront the United States. How to respond to the continuing threat of international terrorism assuredly is one of those challenges. Unfortunately our present p

Faith in Focus
Michael KerperDecember 03, 2007

On presiding at a Latin liturgy

Faith in Focus
James MassaDecember 03, 2007

A report from an ecumenical congress in Europe