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November 10, 2003

Vol. 189 / No. 15

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Deborah A. OrganNovember 10, 2003

From 2003. Important steps for implementing an intercultural vision in parishes.

Charles M. SennottNovember 10, 2003

At the core of the Christian faith and important in many other faiths is a theme that has not received much attention even at this moment in our history, when religious struggle, the clash of civilizations as some would call it, is shaping the current debate. It is a word not given much consideratio

Michael HirstNovember 10, 2003

As the head of the Episcopal Church in the United States confirmed that the consecration of the world’s first openly gay bishop would go ahead as planned, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said a huge crisis is looming for the Anglican Communion. Speaking after an emergency meeting of the world

Of Many Things
James Martin, S.J.November 10, 2003

A few weeks ago, Andrew Sullivan, a senior editor of The New Republic, wrote an impassioned article that appeared in the op-ed section of The New York Times, entitled Losing a Church, Keeping the Faith. In his article, Mr. Sullivan discussed his ardent desire to reconcile his homosexuality with his

Our readersNovember 10, 2003

Educational Values

Thank you, Thomas McCarthy, for your direct and honest comments on our schools in Swimming Upstream (10/6). The amount of time, energy and implied worth that is given to supporting the prevailing cultural values has increased at a disturbing rate, and in direct

The EditorsNovember 10, 2003

Affordable housing for low-income families—seldom in the past few decades has this essential aspect of American life been harder to come by. Construction of new government-subsidized housing remains at a virtual standstill. High unemployment rates and increased nationwide poverty are exacerbat

Faith in Focus
Jens SöringNovember 10, 2003

My friend Sam almost died last week. Given his age, that should not have surprised me, I suppose. What I did not expect, however, was that I nearly lost Sam to nothing more serious than a pair of ministrokes. Even a 63-year-old should have survived this medical problem without too much trouble. Yet