Michael HirstMarch 05, 2007
Two days of violent street clashes across Lebanon in late January raised the specter of renewed sectarian fighting in a country still reeling from 15 years of bloody civil conflict, a 29-year Syrian occupation and last summer’s 34-day bombardment by Israel. Street battles across the country th
Michael HirstJune 19, 2006
Christianity has a rich cultural seam in the Middle East. On the first Pentecost, when the disciples were blessed with tongues to tell the good news, one of the languages spoken was Arabic. So successful was the spread of Christianity across a region that now includes parts of Iraq, Syria, Palestine
Michael HirstNovember 10, 2003
As the head of the Episcopal Church in the United States confirmed that the consecration of the world’s first openly gay bishop would go ahead as planned, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said a huge crisis is looming for the Anglican Communion. Speaking after an emergency meeting of the world