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September 24, 2001

Vol.185 / No.8

September 24, 2001

Julie A. CollinsSeptember 24, 2001

This month 12 Georgetown Prep seniors, some still damp from post-game showers, will gather at dusk in the school chapel to begin a semester-long journey with St. Ignatius Loyola. After Mass (and fortified by the requisite pizza) these 17-year-olds will be introduced to the basic elements of what is

Tom BeaudoinSeptember 24, 2001

I used to think it was arrogant of the church not explicitly to include symbols from popular media culture in liturgy. Such an exclusion seemed like a denial of the lived reality of younger generations, a dismissal of a significant domain of our spiritual formation (and deformation). The influence o

Janet ClausenSeptember 24, 2001

Once upon a time.... With these words, the power of story comes alive for children whose imaginations are the doorway to identity and meaning in life. Whether read aloud or viewed on the wide screen of Disney’s media kingdom, the myths of childhood can be a healthy aspect of development. On th

Of Many Things
George M. AndersonSeptember 24, 2001

If you think it must be hard to be homeless in a big city, imagine how much harder it is to be not only homeless, but also elderly and mentally ill. Yet 47 people in this painful situation have found a caring and permanent home at Fleming House in New York City’s Chelsea area. Most had previou

Our readersSeptember 24, 2001

Do Not GeneralizeI wish to comment on the article Home Alone’ in the Priesthood (8/27) by Msgr. Eugene T. Gomulkanot to comment on Msgr. Gomulka’s theory about loneliness in the priesthood, but on what I fear could be an unfortunate generalization drawn from the article’s subheadin

The EditorsSeptember 24, 2001

Shock, denial, anger and depression swept the country on Sept. 11 as the nation watched thousands of civilians and military people viciously murdered by terrorists. Not since Pearl Harbor has the United States suffered such a devastating attack on its soil, and the number of dead exceeds those kille

John B. BreslinSeptember 24, 2001

David Lodge holds a special place among British novelists In certain ways he is heir to Evelyn Waugh as a Catholic writer with a mordant wit and concern for religion He is also an accomplished academic with half a dozen works of criticism to his credit No surprise then that the academy is a fr