Julie A. CollinsSeptember 20, 2004
I first met James DiGiacomo S J in the mid-70 rsquo s at a national workshop he was leading for the Jesuit Secondary Education Association on adolescent moral development In 2003 he retired from a teaching career that spanned more than five decades His dedication to Catholic religious education
Julie A. CollinsNovember 11, 2002
Ilive and teach in Rockville, Md. Before Oct. 3, 95 percent of Americans would have been hard-pressed to locate our quiet suburban neighborhood on a state map. But the events of the last several weeks have exploded anonymity. A killer has taken deadly aim—over and over again—and now anyo
Julie A. CollinsSeptember 24, 2001
This month 12 Georgetown Prep seniors, some still damp from post-game showers, will gather at dusk in the school chapel to begin a semester-long journey with St. Ignatius Loyola. After Mass (and fortified by the requisite pizza) these 17-year-olds will be introduced to the basic elements of what is
Julie A. CollinsMay 21, 2001
While not every high school teacher regularly dons a purple stole, most of us have heard our share of confessions. In none of these remorse-filled conversations is there more poignancy than when the student realizes that his or her sexual choices are leading to one dead end after another. The popula
Julie A. CollinsSeptember 16, 2000
Perhaps it’s my 25 years as a teacher, but for me Dec. 31 rarely prompts much soul searching or melancholy musing on the passage of time. No, for me time’s movement becomes especially vivid and poignant in June. The school year ends and a teacher is left in a state of almost bipolar ambi