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January 29, 2000

Vol. 182 / No. 3

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Katarina M. SchuthJanuary 29, 2000

Tell me what seminaries and schools of theology are really like these days. How many students attend? Who are the faculty members, and do they enjoy their work? From what background do students come, and how do they approach their formation and education? What is their vision for future ministry? Si

James J. DiGiacomoJanuary 29, 2000

Europeans tell the story of a young man who was disturbed by the antireligious skepticism prevalent at his university and decided to strike a blow for faith. One evening after classes, he went into the deserted lecture hall and in large letters wrote on the chalkboard: "JESUS CHRIST IS THE ANSW

Denise Lardner CarmodyJanuary 29, 2000

The invitation to spell out what I see happening today in theological education for undergraduates is too good to pass up. I’ve been teaching undergraduates for nearly 30 years. Only the last five have been in a Catholic university, and only in the last three have I had the courage to teach Ca

Of Many Things
Dennis M. LinehanJanuary 29, 2000

It can be argued that the most prolific theological educator in the United States today is the Rev. Andrew M. Greeley. He might shrink from that title and, in fact, styles himself "author, priest, sociologist." The order is alphabetical. Those who are familiar with the man and his writings

Our readersJanuary 29, 2000

Good Ways to DisagreeI truly regret that David S. Toolan, S.J., (Of Many Things, 1/1) was insulted because he believes I caricatured people like his parents in the talk I gave at the Chicago Commonweal Forum last Oct. 6. The paper I presented argued ideas. It should be possible to trace the history

Politics & Society Editorials
The EditorsJanuary 29, 2000

How can it be that in this time of unprecedented prosperity for many in the United States, between 600,000 and 700,000 Americans are homeless on any given night? And that requests for both emergency shelter and food are on the increase around the country? But in fact, the 1999 Status Report on Hunge

Paul J. FitzgeraldJanuary 29, 2000

Sixteen years after the well received first edition of this book appeared Thomas F O rsquo Meara O P the William K Warren Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame has updated his analysis of the source character and locus of ministry in the church Part systematic theology par